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digitalkingdom's Journal

Digital Kingdom Icons
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! I N F O
Welcome to digitalkingdom, formerly known as digking_icons. All content on this community is created by lindsical. This comm is strictly for icon/graphics, there will be no talk of real life drama. If you don't want to wade through posts, you could always wade through her icon databases.
Icon Database 1 | Icon Database 2

! G U I D E L I N E S
» When taking an icon please leave a comment stating which icon you took.
» Credit either lindsical or digitalkingdom in the keywords.
» No hotlinking. Right-click then look for Save Picture As...
» Blanks are NOT bases.

! R E Q U E S T S
lindsical will only do requests for close friends and if you're a stranger you might get lucky. If you're not a friend then you need to comment with specifics of the icon you want, even provide an example if you can.

! C R E D I T
Some images taken from Google Image Search and GettyImages. Some icons were made by using a font. I use my own gradients. All brushes/textures/fonts are not mine. They're other people's. I belong to some brushes communities and when I find all the brushes I've used, I'll get around to putting a list of credits here.

miggy pekeana quebelly meleada colorfilter
Painted Passion